【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan 路跑賽道攻略 Conquer 2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan – Run

【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan 路跑賽道攻略 Conquer 2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan – Run

【IRONMAN 鐵人小教室】2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan 路跑賽道攻略 Conquer 2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan – Run


一般來說113距離賽事的跑步段,我們跑步配速會建議維持你的全程馬拉松配速。不過炎熱天氣下你需要保守一點,因為氣溫只會越來越高不會越來越低。你可以觀察一下自己的心跳要維持在Zone 3區間,當飆高到Z4就應該立刻降速,以免提早爆掉。







: 焦耳極限訓練中心  柏青哥

This year’s running course consists of a double lap around the forest park and the Ma-Heng-Heng Boulevard. The most challenging aspect of this run is not the route itself but rather the blistering mid-September heat. It is estimated that majority of the athletes will start their run at around 10am and finishes around mid-day. This means that the expected temperature during this period would be between 33-35 degrees Celsius. The infamous Tatung heat wave presents a strenuous challenge for all athletes, especially for those whom experience fatigue early on.

Generally speaking, it is recommended for all athletes to maintain a steady pace in a 113km run. However, due to the blistering summer heat, athletes should pay close attention to their heart rate and maintain his or her heart rate within zone 3. When an athlete’s heart rate begins to accelerate and enters into zone 4, it is important for the athlete to slow down immediately to prevent hyperthermia.

If an athlete ever experiences hyperthermia, the safest way to lower his or her core body temperature is to stop at our aid station. There will be an aid station per every two kilometers throughout the course. In our aid stations, iced water will be provided and it is recommended for the athlete to sprinkle iced-water over three key areas of his or her body: neck, armpit and crotch area. By sprinkling iced water over the neck area, it helps cool down the athlete’s central nervous system, whereas the armpit and crotch area helps lower the temperature of the main blood vessels. This is by far the most efficient method to lower an athlete’s core body temperature.

In terms of supplementation, if an athlete has yet to digest any food prior to the race, it is recommended for the athlete to refuel their body with race food once every 20 minutes. That is approximately once every two aid stations. Due to the high temperature and the high work load of the internal organs, athletes won’t be able to digest any food that is too sweet nor too dense. Thus, it is recommended for the athlete to consume ‘race foods’, such as small portions of banana, energy drink, energy gel, etc, as their main energy source. Energy gels will be provided in our supply stations. Also, athletes should avoid consuming banana and energy drink at the same time, as it results in vomiting.

During the later phases of the race, it is normal for the athlete’s body to experience some level of dehydration. When refueling the body with race foods, be sure to drink some water as well. Mixing race foods with water not only helps with the rehydration process, consuming water also help to dilute the race food which aids the digestion process as the body’s ability to digest dense food deteriorates as the race goes on. Athletes should avoid swallowing their race food directly as it causes him or her to vomit.

Soft drinks such as Coca-Cola are one of many ways to help boost an athlete’s energy and mood; however, the ‘sweetness’ and ‘fizziness’ of soft drinks often causes the athlete to experience regurgitation later on into the race. Not to mention, the mood lifting effect of soft drinks also diminishes after some period of time. Thus, it is recommended for athletes to consume soft drinks during their last ten kilometers of the race.

The blistering summer heat often causes heat stroke and heat exhaustion. If an athlete starts to notice any discomfort or abnormal symptoms, please contact the medical and safety team immediately to prevent any irreversible damage.

Lastly, we want to wish all our athletes the best of luck on conquering this challenging course. Remember safety first!


***** 因應疫情,此次參加 2020 LEXUS IRONMAN 70.3 Taiwan 選手在會場時請務必全程配戴口罩,謝謝!*****

*****According to CDC’s guidance and advice, we strongly recommend you to wear your own mask in the venue at all times.*****