【2021 Marechal LAVA Tour de Pingtung 英友達環屏東自行車挑戰】– 延期暨退費辦法

【2021 Marechal LAVA Tour de Pingtung 英友達環屏東自行車挑戰】– 延期暨退費辦法

原訂2021年6月5日- 6月6日 「英友達環屏東自行車挑戰」 活動,因考量下半年度疫情狀況不明朗,決議將活動延期至2022514– 515舉辦,造成不便,敬請見諒。


  1. 已報名的車友,資格自動移轉到活動新日期2022年5月14日- 5月15日。
  2. 不克參加的車友,將可申請退費。
  3. 退費金額:扣除已製作物資費用及行政手續費,退回60%報名費,活動物資於7月底前寄送完成。 **保險加購接駁車這兩項費用為全額退費**
  4. 申請方式:一律使用Email,不接受電話申請。來信主旨請註明「2021英友達環屏東自行車挑戰退費申請-姓名」。Email:service@taiwantriathlon.com


  1. 申請時間:2021年6月30日至2021年7月15日
  2. 退款時間:2021年7月31日



Concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to inform you that “Marechal LAVA Tour de Pingtung” cannot take place as originally. The event will be postponed to 14-15 May 2022. For the entry deferral and refund policies, please see below:   

  1. All registered participants of the 2021 Marechal LAVA Tour de Pingtung will have their registration automatically moved to the 2022 date.
  2. If you are not able to attend the rescheduled date, please follow the procedures below for refund application. Participants will have a 60% refund of the event entry fee by subtracting a participant kit fee and an administration charge. Participant kit will be delivered to you by the end of July.
  3. Additional add-ons such as insurance and shuttle service that were purchased along with your event entry will be fully refunded. 
  4. Please email your refund request to service@taiwantriathlon.com with the title “2021 Marechal LAVA Tour de Pingtung Refund Request – Name”.
  5. Refund application date: 30 June 2021 -15 July 2021
  6. Refund issue date: 31 July 2021

For any updated event information, please check the official Facebook fan page and registration website.